Three for Thursday

Today I am linking up with Blog Hoppin to tell you about my three favs!!! I will have to say that this is going to be very hard because I cannot just pic one for each category!!

Favorite Font
I like to use different fonts, but there is one font that I use the most. It is Cutie Pop.   I found it by simply typing "free cute font" into google.  I get most of my fonts from

Favorite Blog
This one is impossible for me to choose.  I have so many different blogs that are my favorite.  One blog that I go to the most though is What The Teacher Wants. I have gotten a lot of great ideas from this blog!

Favorite Online Resource
My favorite online resource at the moment is  A friend told me about this sight since I am currently planning a wedding.  She told me it would give me a lot of great ideas.  I get great ideas for home and for the classroom here!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

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