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Today is all about giving advice to new teachers.  I will do my best seeing as how I still feel like I need advice and am constantly learning and growing.

1.  DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT!!  This is the most important thing that you should do.  I learned this the hard way my 2nd year teaching.  If a child goes to the nurse, document the trip even if your nurse documents this also.  It never hurts to have multiple documentations.  If a child has a constant behavior, you should document this as well.  It is always important to be able to give specifics.  This includes dates, behaviors, times, etc.

2.  CHANGE - Change is a very scary thing for many people.  In the teaching world, things change from day to day and year to year.  It is important to be able to learn how to completely stop what you are use to doing and do whatever new is thrown your way.  It definitely makes your life easier and less stressful if you can easily jump on the Change Train.

3.  SHARE - Always be willing to share with your coworkers.  It makes your job harder when people are unwilling to share ideas.  This is especially true when you have a child with any special needs.  You should share with their next teacher things you tried so that the teacher does not waste their time trying things that do not work.  

4.  DISCIPLINE - This does not mean you have to be Viola Swamp!  It just means that you should have some discipline in your classroom.  My dad always said "You can always lighten up but you can never get harder."  If you do not start out disciplined in your classroom, the children will never let you establish it.  So start from day 1.

5.  STRUCTURE - With discipline comes structure.  Your classroom needs to be structured and have a routine.  There are too many kids with special needs coming through the school system that need and thrive on structure.  There are also many kids that do not get it at home and desperately seek it at school.  

6.  LOVE - Love your children as if they are your own.  You don't always know what a child is going home to.  So, it is important to make them feel safe and loved with they are with you.  If you have never read the book A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer, you really should.  It really makes you think about each and every child and what they could possibly go through when they are not with you.

7.  FUN - Finally have fun!!  The job can be overwhelming, but do not take it out on the kids.  Be sure to have fun with them and make learning fun.  The learn the best is when they do not even realize they are learning. 

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