Compliment Chain & Warm Fuzzy Jar

The compliment chain is a GREAT way to enforce positive behavior inside and outside of the classroom.  Whenever my students get a compliment from another teacher/adult, they get a link for their compliment chain.  Once the chain hits the floor, they get a big party.  I use this as a chance for a pizza party, ice-cream party, etc (A party that they do not normally get during the school year.) It usually takes a while for the students to fill their chain.  That is why I use this as an opportunity for a big party.  

To Make:

Print out the Compliment Chain page. I like to print out 2 copies (one for each side) Glue this page to construction paper.  This helps to make it durable.  Punch holes at the top of the page so that you can hang it from the ceiling.  Then cut a slit at the bottom. Slide a piece of paper/cardstock through the slit and then glue/tape it together. 
-->Make plenty of copies of the compliment chain links. When the students get a compliment, add it to the link.

You can also get a FREE copy of the Compliment Chain template HERE
 Compliment Chain
Warm Fuzzy Jar

 I use this instead of doing a marble jar.  I use cotten balls instead of marbles.  (If the jar tips over, it is MUCH easier to pick up.) 

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