Monkey Classroom Theme

I do a monkey theme in my classroom.  I've had this theme for a few years and plan on using it a few more since I have a lot of decorations for it.  Here are a few of my decoration ideas.

One thing I am trying this year, that is new, is using plastic/vinyl tablecloths as my backgrounds.  Paper fades really easy and I know fabric does eventually.  So, I figured I could try this out for the year.  I am also hoping that it will be easy to clean the dust off the tablecloths.

Go Bananas Over Reading

 I use this bulletin board to keep track of when students reach their AR goal.  They get a sticker for every month they reach their goal and a sticker for when they reach their 9-weeks goal.

NO Monkeying Around

 This is for my Warning system. These are my monkey pop out cards.  I glued the back to yellow paper because they are a pain to get up on the board and to get them straight.

 When students first come in the classroom in the morning, they move their banana to show if they are buying a lunch from the cafeteria or if they brought their lunch from home.  This is also a VERY quick way to take attendance in the morning.

Swinging into 2nd Grade

This is my door decoration for the beginning of the year.  I also take my kids pictures on promotion day at the end of the previous year.  I cut out their head and tape it onto the monkey.  They turn out really cute and the kids really enjoy seeing themselves as monkeys.

I bought these as plain wooden monkeys a few years ago.  I got them at a craft story really cheap and painted them myself.  I hot glued them onto a clothes pin, and I use them to hang up my kids work in the hallway.

Swinging in to Help

This is behind my door, and I use it to display classroom jobs.  I use Velcro to hang the monkeys on the leaves.


  1. I love your monkey theme!!! I am going to do the same in my classroom next year. Where did you find the cute graphics for your website?

  2. Hi,
    I have the monkey theme in my classroom also. Where did you get this cute background? Please email me the response at

    Thanks, Merry

  3. I got the website from The Cutest Blog on the Block. :)

  4. I am doing a monkey theme for the first time this year!!! what have you done with your classroom library??

  5. I'm doing a monkey theme this year and I love your warning system. Where did you find your monkey pop out cards? Tiffany

  6. I'm using the money theme this year and I wanted to know where can I find the money pop out cards?


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