Conversation Heart Stories

I like to do writing activities to go with each holiday.  For Valentine's Day, I have the kids create stories using conversation hearts.  This year I had them pick out 5 conversation hearts that they wanted to use in their story.  Then I had them write away and glue the hearts where they go.  This is fun way to incorporate writing.  They also love it because they get to eat the left over candy.  :)  For some reason, conversation hearts were harder to find this year.  I found some in individual packets, but thought it would be nice to have a printable version just in case I can't find them in the future.  HERE is my printable packet!  It is FREE!!!  If you don't want to use the printable hearts, you can use the stationary with the candy hearts. :)

 Here is an example with the printable hearts and stationary from my packet.

Compare and Contrast

Last year I did an activity to help teach my kids how to compare and contrast using a venn diagram  HERE is the activity.  I did the same thing this year, but I switched up the theme on them each day.  Here are some examples of comparing and contrasting Halloween and Thanksgiving.  We also did summer and spring and turned the circles into a sun and a flower, and we did a cat and a dog.  They all turned out really cute and the kids had a blast doing it!

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