Fraction Animals

I gave each student a piece of paper with 6 circles on it.  We reviewed fractions, divided the circles up, and labeled each piece.  After they finished labeling the pieces, they cut out the pieces and arranged them to look like animals.
 A Mouse
  An Elephant
 A squirrel
 A Pig
 A duck playing on the playground.

The Day I Was A Monkey

I got these really cute images from a coworker a few years ago.  She would have her students trace the images to create a picture of themselves.  She had a lot of images to choose from.  Since she taught 4th grade it was too hard for my second graders to do it.  So I chose a few of the images that I thought my students would be able to do.  I also changed the main body parts.  Instead of having them draw themselves, I had them draw themselves as a monkey.  (My classroom is decorated in monkeys!)  Then they have to write about their day as a monkey.  I give them the writing prompt "One day I woke up and I was a monkey..."

How Does That Saying Go

This is just a fun page to have students complete.  You can use this with many different age groups.  They try and guess how the saying goes.  It is really fun and interesting to read some of the responses the kids give.

Click on the picture to get this for FREE.  You can also download it from TeachersPayTeachers

Little Baker's Cafe

The students played restaurant to review adding money.  I gave each student a menu and a "waiter/waitress pad".   They took turns being the waiter or waitress and asking what each person wanted for a drink, appetizer, entree, and dessert.  After they were done getting the orders, they switched within their group.  After everyone in their group had their chance to take the orders, they added up how much each person spent on drinks, then they added entrees, and then finally they added the desserts and appetizers together.  Once they had 3 final totals, they added those three amounts together to get a final total.  They really enjoyed being able to do something fun and out of the ordinary for math.  I actually had quite a few want to keep their menus to play at home and some of my girls took them outside to play restaurant at recess! :) You can purchase this activity at TeachersPayTeachers.

Harvesting Nouns

As I mentioned before, our school went to standard based report cards this year.  I have been making file folder games for my students to use as review and for me to use as an assessment.  One of my newest folder games reviews nouns. They have to put the vegetables in the correct wheelbarrows.  You can download this  at my TeachersPayTeachers site.

Candy Math

Any activity that you do with food is going to keep the kids' interest.  This is an activity that you can use with either Skittles or M&Ms.  I use this activity at the end of the year as a review.  You can use it as a math center, time filler, and review.  This activity reviews estimating (estimating the number of skittles or m&ms), adding, subtracting, sorting (by color), and graphing (by 2 and pictograph).  The activities are the same for Skittles and for M&Ms.  It just depends on which one you have on hand or buy.  I have  included a color version and a black and white version.

You can purchase this activity at my TeachersPayTeachers site.

TPT Sale

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I am having a 20% off sale on all of our items on TeachersPayTeachers.  This includes my 2nd grade items and Jack's 6th grade items.  This sale started yesterday and will go through Friday.  We do not have a ton of items on there, but the ones we do have are worth checking out.  Also, I think other teachers are extending their 20% off sale as well.  Check it out for some amazing ideas at great prices!

Father's Day Craft

I know it is time for Mother's Day, but I like to start getting stuff together for the fathers also.  I want the kids to be able to do crafts for their fathers even though we will not be in school at that time.  I always have such a hard time finding something cute for the kids to make their fathers.  I made this last year, and it seemed to be a hit.  I got the idea out of Oriental Trading, but just had the kids create it themselves and make it their own.  I bought the pots really cheap at Michael's.  The biggest expense was the Hershey Kisses.

ceramic flower pot
paint brushes
Hershey's kisses/hugs

1. First you paint the bottom of your pot the color of your choice. This will be the shirt.
2. Paint the rim of the pot a different color. This will be the collar of the shirt. I chose white so that the tie would stand out.
3. Next, get a pencil and trace the shape of a tie.
4. Then paint the tie in the colors and designs of your choice.
5. Finally, fill the pot with hugs and kisses for your dad.

Mother's Day Cards

I found this idea from Michael's weekly ad.  I thought it was a really cute idea for Mother's Day.  The kids agreed with me. They loved how the cards turned out, and they had fun making them.  It was a little time consuming because I only did 3 students at a time, and I had them wash their hands between colors, but it was worth it.

Supplies:  fake flowers, markers, stamp ink, hot glue, construction paper

1.  Fold the construction paper to make a card.
2.  Glue the flower to the top of the card.
3.  Have the dip their fingers in the stamp ink so their colorful fingerprints make the card.
4.  Have them decorate the butterflies with markers and write Happy Mother's Day and I Love You!

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