Sweet Behavior

In the past, I have always done the compliment chain and warm fuzzy jar to reward my students.  I wanted something different this year.  So, I decided to make different sweet treats to reward my students for good behavior.  I didn't want to do just brownies because you always have at least one kid that doesn't like brownies.  So, my packet includes brownies, cookies, cupcakes, dessert bars, and cinnamon rolls.  When they get a compliment from another teacher or they are behaving for me in class, I add a sweet treat to the cookie sheet.  Once the cookie sheet is full, I bake them the treat and bring it in.  So far my kids have filled up one cookie sheet and I baked and brought in brownies.  They were excited about the treat and excited to find out what treat they were working hard for now.  If you are interested in downloading this packet, you can get it at my TPT store.

I bought my cookie sheet at the Dollar Tree for $1!!  If you do not have a cookie sheet, I have included a picture of one that you can just print off.  I also laminated my treats so that I will only have to print them once.

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