Literacy Fair

My school has decided to do a school wide Literacy Fair for the first 9-weeks.  This is something completely new for our school and especially for K-3 because they haven't been required to participate in any type of fair in the previous grades.

It is going to be set up a lot like a science fair.  The kids will do their projects on a science board/poster board, and they will be displayed for the school to see.  The kids will also be judged, and first through third place will be rewarded.

Since this is a new project for us, I decided to create a packet to make sure my students are working on their projects a little bit at a time.  They are turning in their title, author, and illustrator by a certain day.  Then the following week, I will have them turn in the characters and setting.  I will have them do bits and pieces at a time and turn them in to me so that I can be sure they are completing the projects at home and not waiting until the last minute.

Below is an example that I did with my class so they would know how to do it.

If you would like a copy of the packet that I am sending home, click HERE.

 The packet includes:

  • a letter to send home to parents
  • templates that can be turned into a booklet for the younger grades
  • templates for the older grade levels.


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  2. This is a great idea! I would love to do this at my school.

    Second Grade Sweetie Pies

  3. Thank you so much for the info. We will be doing this at our school this year. I am looking around for examples. Thank you.


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