Christmas Symmetry

I found this cute and fun symmetry activity in a mailbox magazine.  All you do is pick out 4 different Christmas shapes.  I chose a snowman, tree, snowflake, and gingerbread man.  I used our die cuts and cut them out on white paper.  I talked to the students about how both sides have to be the exact same.  Then I handed out the shapes and had the students fold them in half.  Then I had them trace over the fold with a black crayon.  They glued the shapes on construction paper that they divided into 4 equal pieces.  Then they decorated their shapes.

They had a lot of fun with this activity.  They also loved that it was Christmas themed.  They felt like they were doing more of a craft than a math lesson.  This is one I will do each year!

1 comment:

  1. I like this and am thinking it could be used with any of the cut outs we have at our school. Thanks for sharing!
    Doris @Thirdgradethinkers


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