Christmas Family Night

I know I am EXTREMELY late on this post.  I was very lazy over my Christmas break.  Better late than never. :)

Every year around Christmas I throw a Family Night.  This is my Christmas present to my parents.  I set a date the week before Christmas break for 2 hours after school.  I set up different stations in the classroom.  Some of the crafts are made from supplies I already have.  Some crafts I will buy the year before on clearance.  Some of the stations include

1. A station full of  holiday books for parents to read with their children. 
2.  Make a Christmas card for a friend or family member.
3.  An ornament for the tree.
4.  A picture craft of some kind.
5.  Painting station.  This can be for figurines or any other item to paint.
6.  Gingerbread house station.  This year I did Santa's workshop from oriental trading.  Usually I will buy gingerbread cookie dough and use a house cookie cutter to make gingerbread houses.  Then I will have different candy and icing on the table for students to decorate a house.

I send home a letter to the parents explaining what the night is all about.  I also explain that siblings are allowed to come, but I like to limit 1 craft (from each station) per family so that every student from my class gets a chance to do every craft. I also like to provide cookies, hot chocolate, and coffee as light refreshments.

My parents and students always enjoy family night.  It is a great way to get parents involved and give them fun time with their children.  There isn't a better gift than time with your child. 

You can download some of the resources for free at my TPT store.

-->This is an example of the flier I give to each parent at Family Night.  I explain what each craft is so there are no questions.
The pictures that I took at Family Night are of my students and their parents so I can't include those.  I am going to show you a few Christmas crafts that I make with my kids each year.

 I use the kids' fingerprints to make reindeer. The lights are from a special light hole punch.

This is a scrapbooking style card that I have out for family night.

 Paint the kid's hand white and have them put their hand print around the ornament.  Then have them turn their finger prints into snowmen.

Cookies for Santa plates


  1. Hey girl,
    I'm your newest follower. I love this idea of a Christmas Family Night. I might have to copy that next year. I'm not trying to go all creepy stalker like but I think we teach in the same county. I'm second grade at OS. Glad to see another blogger close to home.

  2. Hey!! That is awesome! Yes we do! I am at KES. I hope you found the packet useful. My parents and kids always enjoy it!!


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