Quick Christmas Craft

My kids were overloaded with assessments and work last week.  I had some extra time on one of the days and wanted to do a craft with them.  The problem was that I didn't have anything planned.  So, I went straight to my go to Christmas craft. (I got the idea from Oriental Trading)  This is an easy craft and the materials are ones that you always have on hand in a classroom.  The kids loved it and they turned out cute as always!

Popsicle Stick Snowman

Materials:  9 popsicle sticks (per child), black & white paint, red construction paper, googly eyes, orange foam, and yellow stars


1.  Get 8 popsicle sticks.  Paint 3/4 of each stick white.  These can be painted straight across or at a slant.  Then paint 1 popsicle stick black.

2.  Paint the other part of the 8 sticks black.
3.  Push the 8 black and white sticks together.  Glue the the black stick straight across the 8 sticks.  This is going to be the rim of the snowman's hat.

4.  Cut the red construction paper in to strips.  Glue a strip above the black popsicle stick.
5.  Glue the star, googly eyes, and orange nose onto the snowman.
6.  Paint or draw (with a sharpie) the snowman's mouth.

1 comment:

  1. I made these with my firsties from Oriental Trading! But most of the popsicle sticks were wonky and the foam pieces were are mishaped! A much better idea to just make my own supplies!


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