Literacy Fair

My school has decided to do a school wide Literacy Fair for the first 9-weeks.  This is something completely new for our school and especially for K-3 because they haven't been required to participate in any type of fair in the previous grades.

It is going to be set up a lot like a science fair.  The kids will do their projects on a science board/poster board, and they will be displayed for the school to see.  The kids will also be judged, and first through third place will be rewarded.

Since this is a new project for us, I decided to create a packet to make sure my students are working on their projects a little bit at a time.  They are turning in their title, author, and illustrator by a certain day.  Then the following week, I will have them turn in the characters and setting.  I will have them do bits and pieces at a time and turn them in to me so that I can be sure they are completing the projects at home and not waiting until the last minute.

Below is an example that I did with my class so they would know how to do it.

If you would like a copy of the packet that I am sending home, click HERE.

 The packet includes:

  • a letter to send home to parents
  • templates that can be turned into a booklet for the younger grades
  • templates for the older grade levels.

Sweet Behavior

In the past, I have always done the compliment chain and warm fuzzy jar to reward my students.  I wanted something different this year.  So, I decided to make different sweet treats to reward my students for good behavior.  I didn't want to do just brownies because you always have at least one kid that doesn't like brownies.  So, my packet includes brownies, cookies, cupcakes, dessert bars, and cinnamon rolls.  When they get a compliment from another teacher or they are behaving for me in class, I add a sweet treat to the cookie sheet.  Once the cookie sheet is full, I bake them the treat and bring it in.  So far my kids have filled up one cookie sheet and I baked and brought in brownies.  They were excited about the treat and excited to find out what treat they were working hard for now.  If you are interested in downloading this packet, you can get it at my TPT store.

I bought my cookie sheet at the Dollar Tree for $1!!  If you do not have a cookie sheet, I have included a picture of one that you can just print off.  I also laminated my treats so that I will only have to print them once.

Father's Day Coupon Book

Every year I have the students make something for their dads for Father's Day.  I usually have the students paint flower pots for their dads. You can check them out on one of my past blog posts. This year I decided to make the dads coupon books.  The kids LOVED doing these.  All they have to do is pick out the tie that they want.  Then they choose which coupons they want to add to the tie.  Then they staple them to the tie with a title on the front.  I also included To Someone Special in case they do not have a dad at home. This gift is quick, easy, and FREE.  If you want a FREE copy of the template, click HERE.

Mother's Day Bookmarks

I saw some really cute bookmarks on pinterest and decided to create my own.  The kids use their fingerprints to make a flower for mom.  Then you just glue the paper to card stock to make it sturdy.  I then had mine laminated so they will last for many years.  They turned out really cute!  If you want a copy for FREE go to my TPT store or click HERE.

Spelling/Phonics Books

I decided to create a spelling booklet to go along with all the word work packets I have created.  I do not like giving a spelling test over words the kids have all week to study because I have found they learn the words for the test, but they do not actually learn how to spell them to use later on.  This spelling booklet has words we work on all week in word work.  I then select random words from the lesson to test the kids on and to check and make sure they have learned the phonics skill.  Another thing I added to the booklet, that I love, is a place for multiple people to check, sign, or initial.  The kids have to read the words and sentences with an adult, buddy, and parent.  This is to make sure they read them at least 3 times a week.  If you want to check out the booklet click HERE.

Leprechaun Writing

I posted 2 years ago about a writing activity that I do with my 2nd graders for St. Patrick's Day.  You can read about it HERE

I have made it into a PDF file on TPT if you would like to download it.  It is FREE.

Get your FREE leprechaun writing HERE.

Here are some examples of the writings I did a few years ago.

Conversation Heart Stories

I like to do writing activities to go with each holiday.  For Valentine's Day, I have the kids create stories using conversation hearts.  This year I had them pick out 5 conversation hearts that they wanted to use in their story.  Then I had them write away and glue the hearts where they go.  This is fun way to incorporate writing.  They also love it because they get to eat the left over candy.  :)  For some reason, conversation hearts were harder to find this year.  I found some in individual packets, but thought it would be nice to have a printable version just in case I can't find them in the future.  HERE is my printable packet!  It is FREE!!!  If you don't want to use the printable hearts, you can use the stationary with the candy hearts. :)

 Here is an example with the printable hearts and stationary from my packet.
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