"I Can" Statements

Over the summer, I decided to retype all of the I Can statements and turn them in to cute monkey graphics.  I have a bulletin board that I change out daily.  I also have the I Can statements on poster that are kept up year round (Just in case I forget to change them and someone pops in ;) ), and I have the numbers only printed out and posted by each subject.  You could do this beside your daily agenda if you have one.  I also made one with cute kid graphics.  If you want to check them out you can get the monkey statements HERE and the kid statements HERE.

Daily I Can statement board.

Core Standard Numbers placed by each subject for the day.

 I Can posters displayed all year.

Example of one of the kid graphic posters. Sorry the picture isn't the best.  I took a pic of it off my computer.  I don't have the hard copy with me.

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