Classroom Pics

BAt the beginning of the last school year, I wrote a blog post about my classroom.  I have added a few new things this year and wanted to share them with you.

 My new Boggle Board for Word Work.  I am very excited about this one!  I created it myself to match my monkey theme in my classroom.  If you like it and want one, you can get it HERE. I also have a really cute Owl Boggle HERE.

 I moved my reading center this year so that it is under my cubbies.  I also added some new disc chairs.   Someone also commented on a previous post and asked how I did my library.  I actually have 2 main bookshelves.  The black bookshelf has all my AR books.  They are also leveled for the students.  The tall brown bookshelf holds all my classroom library books that are not AR.  I do have them leveled though for the students.

 I saw a desk painted on pinterest this summer and decided to give it a shot.  I love the way it turned out!

 This is another pinterest inspired project.  It is my ziplock quilt.  I display student work in the quilt. 
 This is my I Can board.  It holds all my I Can statements that we are working on for the day/week.

I had to change my Tattling Toby sign this year since my name changed.  I had it on a poster board last year.  I decided to type it out this time so that it could fit on my desk since I am limited in space this year.  The kids love Tattling Toby.

Birthday Bunch.  This is where I display my students' birthdays.

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