Groundhog Day Writing

Groundhog day is always a fun holiday to talk about in your classroom.  The kids always enjoy learning new facts about groundhogs, and they always get excited about watching Phil come out of his hole and giving us a weather report.  Yesterday we did a writing activity to go with Groundhog Day. First, I read the students Wake Up, Groundhog! Then, we talked about what it means if he sees his shadow and if he doesn't see his shadow.  After our discussion, I had them decide whether or not they wanted Phil to see his shadow and why.  They filled out a graphic organizer listing 5 reasons why they did or did not want Phil to see his shadow.  After they filled out the graphic organizer, they wrote their reasons in story form.  We also made groundhogs out of our fingerprints.

This activity will be included in my February Writing Packet.

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