Crafty Thanksgiving Plates

For Thanksgiving, we made turkey plates.  I wanted something fun and cute for them to take home, but most importantly I wanted something that they wouldn't toss into the trash as soon as they got there.  The kids LOVED this craft, and the parents have enjoyed it too!!

Materials:  orange paint, green paint, yellow paint, brown paint, red paint, black paint, sharpies, plates (I got mine from the Dollar Tree for $1!!!), and high gloss finishing spray.

I brought the students back to my table one at a time.  I painted their palm and thumb brown and the other fingers orange, red, yellow, and green.  I placed their hand on the plate and pressed down.  Once the hand print dried, I had them write Happy Thanksgiving and their name in a sharpie.  Then they put their finishing touches on their turkeys. I let these dry for a day or so and then sprayed them with the finishing spray.

I am really excited about how these turned out!! I was also surprised with how excited the kids were.  I can't wait to start our Cookies For Santa plates!!!


  1. I used washable paint, but they started to chip. I used acrylic paint on my Christmas plates and they turned out much better!

  2. Are these plates for display only?

  3. Yes mine were for display only because I used a Modge Podge sealing spray and I wouldnt trust eating off of it. I am sure that you could find a paint that could seal in the oven and be used to eat on but handwash only.


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