Pumpkin Art

We made these before Open House this year.  The kids did a really good job with them and followed directions really well.  They were a quick, easy, and fun art for them.  This is also a great activity to teach symmetry. 

Materials:  Black paper, orange paper, glue stick, scissors, and a pencil.

Step 1:  Cute the orange paper in half.  Give each student 1 piece of black paper and a 1/2 piece of orange paper.

Step 2:  Draw half of a pumpkin on the orange paper.

Step 3:  Cut out the pumpkin.

Step 4:  Glue the outline of the pumpkin onto the black paper.

Step 5:  Glue the pumpkin half on the black paper.  Be sure to match it up with the orange outline.

Step 6:  Glue the mouth, eye, and other half of the nose on to the black side.

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