September 11 Tapestry

I found this idea online a few years ago and did it with my art class.  The activity was done with grades 3-5, but I wanted to try it with my 2nd graders this year.  I was unsure how they would do, but they did an amazing job.

1.  The first thing you do is draw 2 horizontal lines.  One at the top and one at the bottom.  This will divide the paper in to 3 parts.  The middle section will need to be a little bigger. 
2.  The top section is for American symbols.  They can draw anything that represents America.  We watched the American symbols on BrainPopJr to help us with this.
3.  The middle section is divided into 3 sections.  (invisible lines) On the first part, the kids draw what the twin towers looked like before 9/11.  The middle part is for what it looked like when the planes hit.  The last part is for what it looked like after 9/11.
4.  The bottom section is for them to draw what people around the world were doing the morning of 9/11.

 Below are a few pics to help explain how the project is completed.

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