Tattling Toby

I saw this idea in a Really Good Stuff magazine.  They had a Tattling Turtle with a cute poem.  This is a great idea for K-2.  There is a lot of tattling in the younger grades.  I have used this for 2 years now, and it works great.  The kids know to tell all their tattles to Toby or to write them down on an index card and put it back in the tattle box.  I promise them that I will read the cards at the end of the day.  I make sure they know the difference in what they should tell me and what they should tell Toby.  If they do begin to tell me a "Toby Tattle"  I will just say "Remember you are suppose to tell Toby this one."  It literally cut my tattles in half!! I LOVE Toby!!

The Tattling Toby poem

Dear Students,
Tattling Toby will listen to you,
When you have something to say.

Just talk to him or write it down,
And tell what happened today.

But if you or anyone else is hurt,
Please do not delay.

Come to me so I can help,
And make sure that you're okay.

Your teacher, ______________________

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